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What Is BlaQueerFlow?

What Is This Space?

This blog is intended to be a space where we caress the center of our humanity by mapping the margins of our inter/disconnected existences. Our writings, speeches and policy papers are not intended to be instruction manuals, articles of judgement or definitive statements of the parameters of identity or power or being. Instead, we are writing our humanity, our BlaQueerFlow, so that we might become closer to recognizing the sis/brother/brista, homey, lover, friend, daughter/son/child, aunt/uncle/muvva, cousin, grandchild, employee, scholar, activist that is lurking somewhere between and among the labels (those spoken and unheard) we bear, discard refashion. Throughout this space you’ll see poetry, memories, analysis, prose and other musings on the spaces we occupy, imagine, haunt, co-create and flee from. This blog is an assertion of a continued commitment to moving from survival, to living, to thriving on purpose, together.