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BlaQueerFlow: Tabias Olajuawon Wilson, JD

Tabias Olajuawon Wilson, JD is the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of BlaQueerFlow. A country boy from rural Kansas seduced by city life in Kansas City, enamored by the culture and fuckery of New Mexico and distraught by Boston and enraged by my experience teaching in Miami-Dade Public Schools–I’m accustomed to the flow, going with and against it, but never quite losing my footing. I’m a writer, researcher, organizer, speaker and lover by nature. I’ve spoken or presented at numerous schools, universities, community organizations and I’ve been recognized by the White House for my work concerning LGBTQ issues, particularly those of pertinent to concern to HIV Survivors and communities of color. My work has been featured by Gawker, MusedMagOnline and a host of other websites and blogs.

I’m more Malcolm than Martin and more Baldwin than Rustin–but you’ll find sprinklings of bell hooks, Kimberle Crenshaw (many), Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Gloria Anzaldua and Essex Hemphill throughout my discourses. I’m currently en route to attaining JD at Howard Law, followed by a PhD, and interested in the intersections of race, law, gender and sexuality: particularly how access/proximity to whiteness affect livelihoods–internally and systemically.

My musings, presentations and workshops will often concern; Blackness, Race, Palestine, Gender, Sexuality, Black Feminism, Critical Race Studies, HIV/AIDS, Womanism(s), Class, Liminality, Transnational Imperialisms, White Supremacy, Radical Politics, Critical Love Ethics, Forgiveness, Healing, Health, Family, Sex, Power, Consent, Access, Trauma, (RE)Memory, Mixed-Race Realities, (People of Color)Queerness, Masculinities.

I’m available for bookings and as a freelance writer, speaker and workshop presenter at tabias.wilson@gmail.com

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