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Delia Younge is a 28 year old educator, writer, researcher, spiritualist, and builder residing in San Francisco. Her research focuses on black male youth identity, transgressions, and resistance, within spatial theory, critical youth studies, and radical black feminist theory. Her previous work has focused on black women collectives and historical memory.

She believes that knowing is about forgetting what you have been taught to be true, and building anew. She is driven by the principle of doing well by those she loves and for who her research speaks to and helps provide a platform for. In surviving her own oppressive institutions and trauma, she now seek community with those who speak to the collective.

Her writing is most influenced by the truths she sits in, her mother, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, James Baldwin, Adrienne Rich, and Toni Morrison. When she is not writing or researching, you can find her with a full glass of red wine, watching Netflix, perfecting her side-eye, and being filled with joy and laughter by friends.

Delia leads community development work at BlaQueerFlow and can be reached at odelia.younge@gmail.com. You can also follow her on Twitter @os_younge.