See: The Manchild Who Sucks

and there he was,

almost had my heart in his hand,


I had felt the caress of talons once before.


No, no not the grips of eagles

but the tools of men of pray. Those that


with teethe.

A smacking sound is the

alarm that burns against your cheeks

as your face rings with embarrassment

he so easily coaxes you into loving that which you know

he could




if he would just sit still and be the man

his momma had wished for.

But instead he sucks,

his teethe

so white and bright that you are distracted by the

smile but by then your mile deep into his game

and he’s likely suckled the nipple of your

ego so good that you believe

he believes

that something




going to happen between you and him

that there will be a you, and a him,

an us

or a


but if you’re lucky you’ll start to realize that the

tip of your spirit has began to get sensitive


from his teethe

and his bite marks will show up

and shock you into recognizing

that this whole time he has been sucking your love

your life force

into his own

without regard for your need to live.

how will you live without your heart?

How can survive when your heart has been beat

to a bloodless, bruised pulp

soundin’ like some organ out of tune?

How can you dance your dance when

that organ beats in his hands?

He almost had my heart

but then he slipped

because my heart

is one dangerous

piece of the Goddess

and when he beats

she beats with purpose

and not even the slyest cats can


the rhythm that he spits

because the Truth burns like fire


naked..and I saw him

a scared boy who didn’t know love

couldn’t know me

so i hugged him

kissed his cheek

and got in my car

2journey back home

back to my beat.

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