There’s Liberation & Education In The F*cking

Every crush I’ve had–even those that have crushed my spirit–has brought me into a deeper love and appreciation of my self. I’ve gone from ice-King, to sex machine, to emotionally volcano to finally landing in a place of grounded vulnerability. The journey is never complete but I have learned that there is a lesson embedded in each performance of self. Regardless of where we are in our growth, or what portion of ourselves we are sharing with others, these human-to-human contacts provide a transfer of information, emotion, spirit and truth that often escape our consciousness. From each act of fuckery, love or fear..I’ve been given access to portion of my present and former self long lurking beneath the surface or excommunicated from my consciousness. For these reasons, I’m thankful for everyone has come into my social-sexual life. I wear each scar, tattoo, marking and love print with pride as progress on my journey to love wholly, completely and humanely. Through each of these experiences, I’ve been freedom from untrue definitions and limitations of my self and been educated and liberated through the fucking, soul-sucking and love the making.

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