Emerging From The Depths

I feel myself emerging from a 24 year process of germination. I’m beginning to breathe fresh air, digest sustaining meats, and grow stronger than I’ve ever known myself to be. This struggle hasn’t simply been one of survival but one of coexistence with my layers, my contours, my selfs without fear or infighting. I’ve noted my strength, my height, my hopes and my fear(s)…that the world may not be large enough to understand or comprehend my multitudes. I breathe to give breathe and dance…and dance to display and remind my self of my ability to enjoy limbo and exist in liminal spaces. Blaqueerpoz is a moniker I used for almost four years now. But now, I’ve gone from a sum of many parts to a spirit undefinable, inseparable from my roots, essence and aspirations. I believing in living, loving and thriving and I assert there should no difference between the two. To choose to live, love and thrive freely is to impart, sustain and gift these nutrients to all we encounter. So I endeavor in this life to live in a way that inspires living all truths simultaneously for the holder of the beating heart, the survivor of the abusive space, the orator of truths unarticulated, the dreamer of realities not yet known, felt, seen or imagined. This little light of mine, shall burn like an inferno until liberation has melted the chains of slavery–internally and externally produced and maintained. Bless up loves, because I’m walking in my anointing.

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