These United States of “Lovers”

Writing about love is the cool thing to do. Everyone has something to say, few folks have words worthy of being read and even fewer have diction that speaks the truth of their souls, uncircumcised. I can’t tell which of these groups I fall into–perhaps all of them–but I will tell you that my dance with love has been as classy, sensual and unpredictable as a Chi-Town two-step, complete with dips, hip rolls, licked lips and promises yearned for and never fulfilled yet enjoyed none-the-less. I have found it more fruitful to name those glimpses, impersonators and carriers of love noted by city, style and demeanor…than to write about some all-encompassing yet never definable term.


Older, presented as wise, rarified and of high esteem…always beckoning while withdrawing, implying but never stating, boldly proclaiming the ability to boldly proclaim but caressing with a whisper and never holding that which is purportedly desired..


Rhythmic, seductive, ambiguous yearning to be embraced but never held, caressed but never touched, loved but never affected..


Witty, kind, sexually insatiable..promising futures he could never purchase with the condition of his heart..

The Bronx

Strength only surpassed by beauty, genius and intellect. A soul as soft as his lips, affection sweeter than a cheek caressed good morning. Timing. Gemini. Timing.

North Carolina

The color and strength of Mahogany realized in the human body. Beautiful, Brown, Strong & Enduring…but also hard to the touch, causing splinters if not caressed with caution or leaned upon with care. He not only the tree, but the tower of the forest.




Words will never do…The rhythm that calmed my heart to a resting place for 16 seasons.


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