Meeting Dr. Mahogany

I met a man a month or so ago–a black man. In his presence I watched as my intellect and wisdom were simultaneously challenged, sharpened and acknowledged. In his smile I saw a hopefulness, a strength, a sense of knowing long since departed as commonplace in black same-gender-loving spaces. In his touch–physical and spiritual–a rebirthing of the desire to give and grasp life and jive with it’s simple complexities. Hours of conversations, bridges built on smiles and listening, empowering silences and redeeming secrets, desire fed by vulnerability, honesty and mohagony flesh. A beginning of a friendship, and a down payment on a loving space, place and touch. I smiled–at him–and laughed at the “dates” I’d gone on before–knowing that I hadn’t known shit about shit until he opened his lips.#HealingStartsWithHello

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