Stay In Your Lane

I don’t believe men should be in the business of telling women how to act or “protect” themselves..or expect women to empathize with them. I don’t believe white folks should counsel people of color, especially african-americans and latinos, on how to avoid racial assaults or for us to understand the burden of white supremacy. I don’t believe cis-gender folks should lecture genderqueer and trans folks on how to deal with gender-based violence/fuckery or have patience for our privilege* fitting into normative of gender roles. I don’t believe that rich folks should tell the poor how to survive or admonish them for a “culture of poverty”. I don’t believe civilians should instruct troops on how to deal with the effects of war. I don’t believe that straight folks should instruct gays/bi/sgl folks on how to avoid homoantagonism or have us pity their heteronormativity and attending powers. It follows then, that seronegative (HIV-) folks should fall back when instructing seropositive (HIV+) folks on how to deal with the virus and when to open themselves up to racialized, sexualize, classed, gendered and multifaceted violences nor to acknowledge their struggle

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