In-Depth: Deadly strike on Gaza family not “accidental”, contrary to Israeli military investigation findings

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

On July 8, eight family members were killed after an Israeli air strike targeted the Kaware family’s home in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. Over two dozen were left injured, and at least half of the deceased were children.

Facing condemnation so early in their latest campaign against Gaza — dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” — the Israeli military conducted a preliminary investigation to determine whether or not the Israeli Air Force was at fault.

The investigation’s findings were disclosed on Wednesday, with Haaretz reporting on the Israeli military’s conclusion.

Investigation conclusion

According to the investigation, the Israeli military elected to target the home of Odeh Kaware who, according to Israeli officials, is a ranking Hamas officer based in Khan Younis. Haaretz’s report mentions that his home served as “his headquarters” although no evidence or context is given as to what this means.

Before leveling the house, the Israeli military contacted the Kaware…

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