Why #Conscious #Black Folk Jive With #Palestine

When conscious black folk get down with Palestine, we become some of her most strident, empathic supporters. Why? The similarities between systemic and institutionalized Zionism and White Supremacy are too familiar and all too salty for wounds continually ruptured. The feeling of being captive, prisoner, policed in a place you call home is too eerily haunting. The notion that you could be killed by police or security forces–knowing no one would give a damn–is a terrorizing fact of life. Guilt is written on flesh–Black, Palestinian…only in the self proclaimed, most democratic spaces on earth. And perhaps most strikingly, with the advent of so-called “reverse-racism”, false equivalence grates against our souls. We are on the edge of liberations and the need is great but willing comrades are few. There are some things only kin folk, lashed folk, hunted folk, survivor folk, loving folk can love on/through/with.



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