Even When #Unfaithful, #PrEP Can Save Your #Ass

The HIV prevention pill, Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), does not need you to be 100% faithful in your dosage to be effect according to a new data presented at the AIDS 2014 Conference in Melbourne. According to data, when taken 4x per week, as opposed to recommended 7x per week, prep can reduce HIV acquisition risk by 96%. This number increases to 99% when taken as prescribed.

Like most relationships. It’s best if you remain faithful. But it’s great to know that at least in this, your immune system won’t be kicked to proverbial curb if you’re not keeping it 100% tight and faithful. However, risks remain.

So Ladies & Gents, PrEP might just be the most faithful tool in your sexual quiver. But check the data and the risk before you get on the pill.

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