The Perceived “Strength” Of A Black Woman

This is real.

Blackk girl lost

Sometimes as a black woman, I question whether I’m being over critical in my perceptions of daily situations or just seeing them for what they truly are. I wonder if I’m wearing that cloak of “petty sensitivity” that many black women are often accused of wearing or if my eyes are just open to the subtle undertones that often present themselves. I don’t really know which of the two I’m guilty of, but nonetheless I notice…

I notice that I’m often expected to exhibit that unwavering strength that all black women possess. Historically, that’s what we’ve been known to do; adapt and overcome. A quality that I am especially proud is rooted in my DNA. I am of the opinion that there is something special about African Americans and all minorities as a whole that the white population can never possess or emulate. Not because they lack the wherewithal to…

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