A BlaQueer Response to “A Letter to Students for Justice in #Palestine by #Angry #Black Woman”

First (Pre-Coffee) Thoughts:

Who is this sister? Why is she writing falsehoods about dead black leaders and black history? Where did she learn to do research? And..even if her history was accurate..could she not simply stand on her opinion, instead of indicting all of black America as her loyal army? Interesting that she calls upon the most moderate of all black civil rights/liberation leaders as her defenders, even white-washing them in the process, I see your Coretta, King Sr. (wait, he was a leader..or are you implicitly referencing MLK?), Rosa et al and I raise you true accounts of their deeds + Assata, Angela, Malcolm, Stokely, Toni, Alice, Maya and many, many more.

Second Thoughts:

1) (Because I assume by leading with Coretta & ending with poppa King..you’re implicitly calling MLK’s endorsement) King’s “Zionism” was never actually validated. Zionist usually quote “A Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend”..attributed to King and supposedly published in the 1967 Saturday Review…except there is no record of it…anywhere…not even the King Center in ATL or a bibliography. Then they quote the “I Believe: A Selection of Writings by MLK”…also not listd at the King Center or any bibliographies.

2) Coretta was not a Zionist. She was a two-stater at worst. Just check the picture of her with Clinton, Arafat and Rabin..urging them to sign the middle east peace accords..only days after denouncing apartheid, globally in South Africa.

3) The Civil Rights Movement–while led by black folk–was not a collection of black Zionist marching for Israel. AND it wasn’t only about black people–though certainly centered in black liberation and resistance against anti-black, white supremacy–many other people color were also Jim Crow’d, poll taxed, redlined, ect and marching/leading/dying/hanging..hi Native Americans, Asian-Americans, Latin@s, mixed-race folk ect..get ya life

4)You’re in your feelings because people are marching? We don’t have no damn copyright on marching! Marching is not cultural appropriation. It’s been around since before Africa was a damn word…I mean, just check the Koran, Bible, Torah, ect. Even if we did..that would be fucked..and it’d be open to everyone with some semblance of blackness in their blood/history..and guess what..some Palestinians are black..L A W D.

5) You’re hitting us the oppressive/misleading “Angry Black Woman” trope..while simultaneously claiming insult about someone erasing or misusing (y)our history really? Save that shit for Tyler Perry.

6) Sources. Cite them. Kthnx. Bye.

7) List


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