Project Afro(—)


The Campaign

The time has come and the #WeAreAfroDASH IndieGogo Campaign has launched. Now, take a moment to read a detailed description of this first long-term, performance-based Ethnomusicology project by musician and cultural diversity activist,

Erin “Marisol” Corine.


Background Noise

I started out as a little girl sitting at grandma’s old living room piano, plunking out any little melody I could remember. This later became sitting at Mom’s choir rehearsals in church home in Chicago. Years pass, I hear the flute for the first time, fall in love, and begin to play at age 12. Somewhere in there, there were years of listening to Spanish being spoken by Latin-American friends which later resulted in four years of classes to begin learning the language that would someday change my entire world. In these formative years, my love for connecting with people of varying cultural and artistic backgrounds grew. My desire to discover new places and…

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