#Jack’d Chronicles: Smart Shit Comes In #Trade(y) Packages

“Jack’d Trade: Wazz Good

Me: You have to be more specific.

JT: I like your profile.

Me: Thanks man, tell me about you?

JT: I peeped your blog. You sound like Malcolm.

Me: Malcolm?

JT: The Muslim nigga. Power to da ppl n shit. But wit a lil more love.

Me: Ahh. Malcolm X. Nice analysis.

JT: You cumin through or wat?

Me: It depends. On a scale of Clarence to Assata, where would you place yourself?

JT: I don’t think high-tech lynching is a real thing. Assata is the hardest Shakur–i’m not that deep yet. I’ll go with Essex.

Me: Well.

JT: Wat.

Me: Impressive.

JT: So in the interest of black men, loving black men, can I get the digits?”

Me: Thoughts on critical race studies?

JT: Crenshawe is queen. Cheryl Harris is dope. David Carbado could do well. We need Derrik Bell.

Me: Hmm.

JT: Wat

Me: Feminist or Womanist

JT: Can men be feminist?

Me: Queer, SGL, Gay, Bi, Trans, Agender, MSM, other/blend

JT: Born black, politically queer.

Me: Essex.

JT: Essex.

JT: You?

Me: Malcolm + Assata with a dash of Crenshawe and a springlink of bel

JT: hooks?

Me: hooks.

Me: Which school?

JT: GED + life.

Me: go the fuck ahead.

JT: You know how to cuss?

Me: Boy bye.

JT: masc-fluid

Me: preach.

JT: Cum through?

Me: Na but we can share theories of blaqueerness and talk about the politics of HIV.

JT: That’s sexy, drinks?

Me: Merlot or tequila

JT: Done

Me: Brothers.

Moral of the story: Smart shit comes in (sometimes) trade(y) packages.


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