#Howard University School of #Law Stands with #MichaelBrown #DontShoot

Our class, the HUSL Class of 2017, organized this picture to note our solidarity with the Brown family–especially the 100 plus black men and women killed annually–and all peoples of subjected to police brutality, murder, intimidation and other forms of state-sanctioned malevolent treatment. We are black, we white, we are Latin@, we are asian, we are multiracial and we are Howard. We stand on the shoulders of countless civil rights leaders from a multitude of political traditions. As social engineers, we are chiefly interested in the ways in which the law facilitates, regulates and polices access (in)access to humanization for all those who call earth their home. We will not rest until the law mandates, requires, guarantees and provides equity to all. Injustice shot the first round, we will shoot the last.


These words are my own, but the spirit of my statement is widely held, widely felt and the core of long-held traditions of overcoming.

Howard Stands With Michael

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