Revolution Requires Revolt

Too many long not to end the system mandating our placement as the of #power/#oppression, but instead to be the of imbalance(s). If we are to be serious about disrupting systems that allow our bodies, psyches and livelihoods to be dismembered, we must become obsessed with the destruction of the ideologies, cultures and practices that (re)birth power imbalances and consume the lives of the sociopolitically chattelized. We must live, love, act and instruct in manners that reaffirm not only life, but life without societally imposed strife. We must articulate a humanist, human-centric politic that centers holistic living and the necessity of the freedom to thrive. We must implore ourselves, and each other, to explore the innermost depths of our being so that in our self-discovery, we might know diversity is not curse, but the necessary makeup of all complex beings. Perhaps then, we might note that sum of are parts is not a junkyard of trinkets, but instead a gallery of exquisite, unique, rare and priceless creations–and when taken together–create a collage of life unbeknown to the naked eye. When we realized–when make it real that–each person is afforded equality and equity, we will have freed ourselves to becomes the best and truest forms of our individual and collective selves at every moment, of every minute, of every day.


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