Dismantling The #Race: #Blackness, #Vigilantes & #Professionalism

One day folks will realize that the killing of unarmed, and nominally armed, black folk in the streets based on racist interpretations of style, presentation and complexion as violent, aggressive and scary is linked to the “professionalism” policing taking place in schools and workplaces marking locs, afros, twists, braids and tieless necks as unprofessional, incapable of intellect and unbecoming. As long black bodies are tied to white, middle class norms of “professionalism” as opposed to our humanity and (in the work place/school house) ability to produce quality results, we will continue to see the killing, firing and marginalization of black folks, especially those that unabashedly black, queer, multiracial and/or not invested in white, capitalist, hetero-patriarchal normativity. Hash tags and marches alone will stop the lashing. No, we must announce our humanity, love ourselves and a create a new standard of conscious, humanizing policies and standards of conduct. #TwistLocsNotLogic #FreeMyFro #ArrestBankersNotBrothers #BraidsDontKillBusinessBusinessesKillBusiness

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