5 reasons my PhD belongs to an HBCU

Very insightful. I’ll be using this inform my HBCU grad experience.

State of HBCUs

Freshman year- c. 2004 Dr. McClure- 2013 Top: Freshman year- c. 2004
Below: Doctoral graduation 2013

This past Sunday, I finally completed the last leg to what seemed to be a lifelong race to finish my Doctoral program.  Ironically, I could not shake the incessant urge to keep looking back. Perhaps it was to catch a glimpse of my family who seemingly filled an entire section at FedEx Forum.  Perhaps it was more symbolic.  Perhaps it had something to do with the understanding that as I ceremoniously walked into a new future, I knew that it was my past that got me up on that stage.

First and foremost, I am indebted to the University of Memphis (U of M).  My advisors, Dr. G, Dr. Bond, Dr. Smallwood, and Dr. Gasman (from UPenn) all invested much into my success.  U of M provided me with unlimited resources, financial stability, and challenged me to master the craft of…

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