A Necessary Break From #Legal #Writing: When #Justice, Just Isn’t

The soul can only handle so much
masquerading as order for the obvious
of those who seek to rule
both you and I. Convincingly arguing that they do so with our
We yearn for it.
The splitting of hairs,
perversion of words,
fornication of truths, just so we might have certainty.
they say.
So I had to take a break from legal writing to remember
to recall
that precedent and
conditions precedent are simply the law of the powered
to contain
power and for the rest of us,
these rules, principles and guidelines are nothing more
than foreign and familiar, sociopolitical lashes or
that keep us in our place
whether high or low.
Certainty is granted.
Mobility is paralyzed.
Justice, just isn’t
here for some of us,
our need for consistency can’t handle it.
Our wallets cannot fathom the costs, our
eyes cannot imagine the what’s lost
when Justice
Just Isn’t.

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