Have the Courage to Change

This was a great read about the necessity and power of courage, as well as well as the resulting effects of the courage to change. Many of us are imprisoned in other’s interpretations of us, still more are locked in self-imposed cells of solitary confinement, hardly breathing, merely existing. In order to move toward liberation and holistic realization of our own power–as well as that of those we encounter–we must first make room for our humanity, our faults, our fears began to become comfortable with the nakedness of our realities. It may be uncomfortable at first–bare asses on the cold, hard wood of life’s truth doesn’t sound appetizing–but if we are patient, our warmth becomes a conductor for energy and communications beyond the talents of our lips and we find comfort.



It’s rare that I ever remember my dreams, but this one stuck out like new growth on a poorly installed weave.

My dreams usually consist of glow in the dark dinosaurs or a friend trying to convince me that I should hire his detail oriented drag queen amigo to edit my upcoming book, but now and again I have a dream too close to reality for me to ignore. The details were vague. I can’t recall what I was wearing or what ridiculous extra curricular I was partaking in during my subconscious revelation. My iPhone 5, Kristina (she’s a white Russian bombshell) was the star. A friend of mine had logged into their Facebook on Kristina and regrettably forgot to log out. Not realizing the facts, I stumbled across a nasty inbox conversation that my two friends were having… about me! Again, I do not remember the gist of…

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