#Death, #Life & #Realities of Belonging: Drifting Home

These are the times I drift, my soul at least, between here and home, betwixt there and nowhere at all. It saddens me to note that in the last few years our family has convened all too often over the departure of a loved one. We have been stricken with illness, death and despair but as always, we remain, not quite whole, but strong and somehow smiling. Generations of love, wisdom, risk and survival pass before our eyes. The living among us must recount the story of how we continued to be us, to continued to be family, continued to smile through tears, fears and strain..continued to remain. I cannot be home at the moment but I am with you all. I weep at the loss of my great Aunt, my grandmother’s sister, my godmother’s mother, my favorite cousins’ grandmother but I smile knowing that the grit of Wanda Savage..her propensity to survive, thrive and reinvent beauty–all while snatching joy from the jaws of fuckery–now flows yet stronger through the blood of her kin folk. We must live on, heads held high, lip stick shining, eyes focused and hair snatched…as we prepare to take the runway of life by storm. We out here family and we are called to love ourselves and each other into healing, success and growth. Mother your children, father your daughters, support your brothers and sisters and love upon (y)our elders. We got this. Keep your heads up. -Love from DC.

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