Briefly On PrEP and cultural competence in the HIV fight

Briefly On PrEP and cultural competence in the HIV fight is another well written piece by a colleague in the work, Francisco Luis White. I am complete agreement with his sentiments and critiques. However, as usual, my concern lies with the mechanisms we use, as a community of lovers, healers and survivors, to contend with HIV & AIDS.

It is abundantly clear that we must think through the effects of systemic racism, (internal/externalized white supremacy), femmephobia(s), transphobia, masculine anxiety, sex-negativity, homoantagonism(s) and sereonegativity, as well as iterations of anti-blackness. However, it beyond time that we implement systems, policies, cultures and customs that envelope the reality of the complexities of our existences. The medical and social science academies have long known the consequences of compounded and intersectional social, economic, political, legal and cultural phenomena on ability to live, thrive and succeed–yet somehow we are only beginning to think about application of these theories. These are flesh theories–that is to say those etched on the flesh of the living, informed and molded in experience and ofter bolstered by data–and when they are not implemented systemically, as policy and industry custom, the consequences are born upon the bodies of those grasping for healthful, abundant lives.

We have best practices, we have tools, we have data–but as Mr. White so elegantly noted above–we do not have implementation or synthesis between the energies, information, tools and realities of challenges. Beyond preventative medications, we must also think about criminalization efforts–some high on my list–that incentivize queer people of color to remain aloof to our status, therefore inducing us to live shorter, more painful and infectious lives.

I hope to see more discussion on these issues. I’ve gotten my writing and spiritual mojo back, so I’ll slowly be reengaging in the struggle for access to physical health and humanization.

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