Summary of New(er) #HIV Data: When HIV is Known, It’s Not That Scary

What’s the big deal about #HIV when you and/or your partner is on treatment, undetectable and communicating clearly and with confidence about your sex practices? According to an ever-growing pile of data: not shit.

Just last week, a two year study about the risks of HIV transmission–when one partner is undetectable–was released to much fan fare. The study covered both queer and straight serodiscordant (one positive and one negative) couples. After thousands of condomless sex acts, over a two year period, none of the partners contracted HIV from their relationship.

The science has spoken again and again. Moral of the story? When brought out of the closet and free from the chains and consequence of social and legal stigma, HIV can be managed and the risks of transmission are “at zero.” Of course, folks must make their own decisions about safer-sex practices and those decisions will certainly impact your ability to transmit or acquire HIV. Treatment is key to preventing HIV acquisition and allowing HIV Survivors to live complete and stigma free lives, and yes, that includes great, stress free sex 😛

Hopefully this data will inform the national conversation and policies regarding the criminalization of sex and other acts for HIV Survivors, as well as funding for HIV treatment and preventative medications and education. But we all know how Congress and legislators feel about science :/

Check the study cited here.

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