Missing A Man Untouched, A Poem


How do you go about missing a man

you’ve never touched?

Never kissed?

Never held?

How does the disappearance of a man

haunt you

the moment the call ends

facetime drops

or a text is delayed?

How does the heart desire

what the fingers have never caressed

the lips have not moistened

the tongue has not yet discovered

and the body has not explored?

How, you ask?

as did I

until I realized that

the soul is best suited to summon

that which the whole

needs to move forward

in the practice of




It is the soul

and only the soul

that gives the heart power and rhythm to beat

the mind capacity to connect

the lips life to kiss

the tongue voice to speak and the discernment of flavor

and the body

cause and device to celebrate the rolling

hills of desires fulfilled.

The soul knows best

that a man untouched

is man that can be loved

across space, states, time and fear.

This is the essence of soul power.

I live and love from soul

to body

to soul

embodied across


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