25 Things I Had To #ReClaim From #White Supremacy & #Heteropatriarchy

  1. My smile–thick lips, soft and brown as mahogany
  2. My walk–sensual, surefooted and erect
  3. My hair–strong, independent and proud
  4. My history–unbought, unbossed & unbowed
  5. My sexuality–black, queer, kinky, powered
  6. My soul–sensitive, unwavering, intense
  7. My heart–boundless, empathic, onyx
  8. My humanity–tattooed but never bruised, rich and deep like the soot of the sea
  9. My hope–impatient, illogical, unbothered
  10. My love–of self, of blackness, of blaqueernesss, of womyn, of working folk
  11. My intellect–liberatory, loving, compounded/intersectional, humanistic
  12. My faith–in self, in us, in you
  13. My peace–Aśe
  14. My family–no shade, no shame, no regret
  15. My future–no prisons, no assassination, no maiming..without internal freedom(s)
  16. My fucks, i refuse to give–because their mine, and lets face it, these systems never loved us
  17. My home–wherever I go, whenever I love, whomever I share this internal space with
  18. My mother–as a fully formed human being, a part from me, a part from mother/sister/cousin/woman–just existing
  19. My father–from one dimensional, anti-black, anti-poor controlling images of black fathers as perpetually absent and untrustworthy
  20. My context–from perversion, co-optaion, and erasure.
  21. My sanity–from imputed, internalized, external systems of fuckery and white supremacist, capitalist, heteropatriarchal bullshit
  22. My bae–from my internal isms, birthed from aforementioned fuckery and bullshit
  23. My success–from myths of meritocracy, inducements by elitism, “gifts” of assimilation and house BlaQueerdoms
  24. My homies—see 22
  25. We–from being us v you v me vs we


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Antonio Cartier says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I find your blog very informative and thought provoking. Keep doing what you do and keep being who you are….take care


    1. blaqueerflow says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It is always encouraging to receive affirmation of one’s authentic self. Love and light to you.


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