So NOW You’re Mad?: A Response To ‘Sorority Sisters’ from a Sorority Sister

My general thoughts affirmed, but this more valid coming from a sister in black greek org.

"Cue The Rant!"


As a black woman, who also happens to be member of a historically black sorority, I’m confused and in awe at the elitism of my fellow peers.  So after years and YEARS of Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and other Monday night foolery on VH1 now you all want to be upset at VH1’s portrayal of black women because it finally hits home? Really? Oh ok. Wake up.

To my fellow black Greeks who claim the show is a misrepresentation of what your sorority stands for: you need to step back and take a realistic look at that statement.

YOU may not act like that (of course you don’t), but there’s someone in your sorority that does. How do I know? Because they signed up for a show like, “Sorority Sisters” and I’ll bet that there is more from where they came from! I would like to think that…

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