#Prayers for The New Year

In 2013 I learned when to close the curtain and exit stage left.
In 2014 I learned what to throw away and what/who to keep.
In 2015 I hope to learn to expect and accept as much as I give–without guilt or (masculine) anxiety–and the will to swiftly discern, detect and reject imbalance.

I pray for wisdom, truth, love and healing and the maturity to welcome, accept and nurture each when they arrive. I pray for empathy, so that I might retain my humanity and proximity to the Divine, and gift someone with the reminder of their own. I pray for consistence in growth, that I might never be satisfied in a slump, but always at peace with the process. I reject jealousy, fear, shame and internal dysfunction, because my life, my heart, my spirit and trajectory are functioning just the way the Cosmos intended.

This I wish for you and I, for us and we, for those known and unknown at home and abroad. Go in power and love in peace.

TABIAS - WIN_20140906_164746

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