Bringing In 2015 The Right Way

I didn’t make it to the club this year. There were no tequila fountains landing in my mouth. The only shots I took were attempts at getting my pillows fluffed just right, so I could sip wine, cuddle my poodle and simultaneously watch the latest Denzell Washington movie (The Equalizer was pretty legit btw). No one night stands, no slurred words and yes, I remember everything.

Ain’t that a new year?!

According the facebook and twitter updates of my friends, it’s quite the radical act. Most of my college and law school friends aren’t exactly bringing in the year with a bang. Well, unless you count the banging of their heads in a freshman year hangover redux.

I was blessed enough to bring in the new year twice, with someone special I’ve been courting from a distance. Yea, I just used the words blessed and special to describe a long distance situation. I’m not exactly a cheerleader for the Long Distance Dating Association, those folks would be a buzzkill, but I’m learning to celebrate the process. But I’ll tell you this: there was nothing more cheesy and special than being able to bring in the New Year twice, in two time zones, with someone you simply can’t get enough. Thanks bae–you’re kind of amazing. As our talk trailed off, around 4:30am my time and 1:30am his, I smile slid across my face as the tell-tale signs of his slumber emerged. When people care about each other, there’s nothing they won’t do to create intimacy and proximity. Thousands of miles away, he managed to fall asleep on my chest. That’s a love ethic I’m welcoming into 2015.

While he slept and I smiled–fending off drunk texts from friends, family and old, curdled flings–my mind quickly turned to think about the many things I had accomplished in 2014 and those on my list for 2015. So naturally I fell asleep thinking about law school, my PhD program and scrubbing my toilet. I had a horrible nightmare about appearing to my interview for a summer associate position at a major firm, with my nose piercing swollen and talking to the senior partners like “YOLO bro.” Meh, once an over-achiever…always?

Long story short, there are some things you shoulda, coulda, woulda left in 2014. But if they snuck in 2015, chill bro, they’re just apart of your process. Smile on those things, those people, those moments that walked giddily with you into the new year. Embrace the changes, or err, maturity you gain as time goes by. Just be you. Because the world needs you and nobody else has the resume.

Happy 2015!

TABIAS - WIN_20140906_164831

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