What’s The Matter With #Oklahoma?

Many folks could go on and on with a list of issues. I understand. This left of left liberal could too.

But one has to ask what has gone wrong in a ruby-red state, that often prides itself on the minuscule (read: inconsequential) size of government, when it starts criminalizing hoodies and ordering folks to abstain from alcohol.

What’s bigger government than prohibition?

What’s more creepy than a government that can fine you for not adhering to their dress code?

Those are the questions I’d ask conservatives. Of course we liberals, radicals, socialist and even “moderate” common sense folks would ask about the unintended consequences of the law. Hoodies are the outfit of youth–college and high school students–we wear these in the height of study season and the dawn of spring. In the home of the Sooners, are we really going to start arresting folks for having school-pride? There’s of course no argument for the disproportionate effect this will have on minority kids and low-income folks. Big government at it’s worst.

So you got a DUI. You probably should get your drinking under control. For most folks, the first one scares them into instantaneous sobriety..if not because of the red and blue lights..certainly inaccess to car in a state without public transportation is a hefty wakeup call. But banning folks from drinking? Really? Maybe they’ll start rounding up folks at colleges and tailgate parties for wearing hoodies, while BBQ’ing and havin’ a cold one.

Welcome to Oklahoma folks–the border between Midwest nice and Southern hospitality. Less long island, and more Earl Gray..hold the sugar..and the ice.

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