“A #Love Prose for My #Black #Gay #Brothers”

Check my newest piece for MusedMag here. The piece speaks about an enduring love for and by black, gay men. It is a celebration of who we are, where we have come from and the promise of our collective futures. This Valentine’s Day, we rely on our own love, to propel and liberate us into our next loving journey. Below is a snippet.

“‘This is for my brothers who dare to love other brothers in a revolutionary way.

Writing to you is an exercise in self-love and holistic restoration. I am called to reckon with the promise of my future, the depths of my own greatness, accessed and denied. You are the world. It has been said that black is the absence of light, ain’t it funny how they always get that wrong? The tea is, blackness is the essence of creation, a potpourri of the creative ingredients of existence. Blackness, unbought, unbossed and unrestrained is the building block of color and from its presence, our presence, your presence, derives all things.

“This is for the man-child, always man, sometimes child, because duality is how we make it to tomorrow.”

My thoughts drift to you often, my BlaQueer brothers. Flesh deep, varied and enduring as that of the earth on which we stand. Arms strong and versatile enough to hold masculinities, femininities and the journey of ancestors close….”

– See more at: http://www.musedmagonline.com/2015/02/love-prose-black-gay-brothers/#sthash.sntrbF3U.dpuf

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