Beyond Valentine’s Day: My Grandmother’s Child

I’m truly my grandmother’s, Willa Wilson​’s, child. She taught me so much about love and healthy relationships. I’m the type of lover that will have breakfast ready when you arise, coffee in one hand, full omelettes in the other. I speak my truths freely and fearless and know/communicate exactly how I feel. I think about long-term solutions and operate on an “I’m all in” ethos. Massages for weary hearts and tense thighs, drinks to mull through the evening’s issues, open affection and affirmation, swift addressing of perceived slights and even faster apologies and corrections. I think and commit to mutual growth–economic, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, familial–and always move forward, even when appearing still. I assume, require, and strive toward equity according to our abilities and resources. I’m present, committed and open until I’m the only one there or the house is no longer a home or has purposefully outlived it’s healthful purpose. Chile, thanks to my grandma, I’m going to be a better lover than I am a scholar. To my homies: hold me to it. To ex-baes: you already knew it. To future/current issues: This is an express warranty/warning. #BeyondValentinesDay


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