DayDreams & The Prison of Productivity

Deadlines. Rubrics. Deadlines. Evaluations. Publications. Deadlines. Speeches. Panels. Conference Calls. Deadlines. MOU. Coffee. (Working) Lunch. Deadlines. Eat. Pray. Love-ish. Deadlines. Rush. Run. Exercise. Cry (On Time). Deadlines. Dead. Lines. Death Lines. Flat Line.

I have a dream that one day, people will be judged not by the quantity of their production but the quality of their existence(s).

Dream Deferred. Like a tulip in the winter. Frozen. Undead. Not quite living.

I have a dream that one day, proclamations of excellence will surrender the throne of authenticity and prestige to excellence embodied by acts of love, humanity, brilliance and creativity.

But they don’t have no awards for that..trophies..

Our bodies have been


Once temples, holy tabernacles

of the divine embodied

at home

in our flesh…

now simple mills for production

of things made of lesser

concoctions of the cosmos

to give us

value to ourselves

for others

for ourselves

because we no longer know

the beauty

the time

the story

the moment

the divine

the perfect-imperfections of



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