2:02AM 3.17.15 #Love Musings

There is often a huge gap between what we accept in love and what we desire in lover. This often occurs because we either find a love brighter than the future we conceive of or, alternatively, we have given the voice within little space to testify and state our deepest desires with the boldness of truth.

What might happen if we allowed our heart to speak its truth and our mind to provide the context of our lived experiences and opportunities? What if we placed our desires in conversation with our politics, our traditions, our hopes for society and self? What if we vocalized our shallowness, our peculiar yearnings, our fears and/or our desire/opposition to a sense of normativity? Perhaps, perhaps…if we let our love-kinks show…we, as a people might grow into a beloved community, with transgressive politics and critical love ethics of mutual truths, investments, critiques, vulnerabilities and strengths. Perhaps.

And maybe..just maybe…we might enter and exit relationships in a manner better suited, more healthily, for our journeys of living wholehearted lives.

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