The Emotional Terrorists

Emotional Terrorists: S/he who weaponizes love, trust and the like as tools of internal destruction and external comportment–under the guise of smiles, hugs and blissful normalcy–thereby controlling impulses of protest, self worth and departure as erratic, over-emotional and immature.

Defense is tricky. The Iron Dome system of constant surveillance may protect the heartland from complete obliteration but at the cost of the freedom of the heart itself. There, the terrorist achieves a significant victory: either s/he gains access or no one does, thereby gifting it remote control of the love practice, of the heartland. One could of course work in counter-insurgency; targeted campaigns to preemptively strike terrorist where and before they are birthed. That too has its problems. Long term investment in the fuckery of a past experience with trauma: a marrying of one’s psyche to the work and (re)memory of the terror experienced and by extension the terrorist. Furthermore, it encourages stereotyping and isms; arising suspicion within the flesh of a prospective beau/bae because something about them is similar to the one who blew up within you, purposefully. This creates a control and command economy of “loving.” Where attempts to control and command love reign, imprisoning love to logic, which is of (power hungry) man and not the divine nature of loving. The cosmos damned.

I cannot advise you of how to avoid an attack or how to defeat an infiltration. I can only say be careful. Because once under siege, once compromised, compromise becomes your greatest weakness. I, too, sing America. Not for another war on terror, but a commitment to a love unbound, unbought, unbiased and unbowed.

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