The R/Evolution Will Take Your Children: Blackness In Labour

The revolution won’t come because a couple respectable folks of color went to congress.

Sharpton. Jackson. et al.

The revolution won’t happen because we held hands, sang and prayed to be “delivert.”

the hegemony of “non-violence” and the ghosts of the 60’s

The revolution will not come because a couple of righteously enraged brothers and sisters lit their own hoods on fire.

cathartic riots

The revolution will not come because we chanted black lives matter, quoted bell hooks or modernized feminisms and critical race theory.

Not just theory, not just practice, not just aspirational slogans..but praxis, love ethics, imaginative re/Deconstruction 

The revolution will not happen because we used the proper channels of protest, non-violently.

the masters tools will never turn against him, they are in/of/for his/her service

The revolution will not happen because we violently seized a few random, cis white folks for breathing while white, but that too may be necessary.

violating white bodies reifies the need for black systemic control, obliteration

The revolution will not happen because some over educated negro pontificated on Facebook..

who the fuck are we/i/you really writing for?

                    It will be all these things.


It will not be pretty.

but it will hurt

People will die.

by design

Systems will collapse on folks,

on those we live for,

and they will be consumed.

There will be no peace, and blood will be on all of our hands.

Power concedes nothing by choice,

except violence.

Change has almost always been birthed through a violent process.

Micah burned demanding his humanity, exploded.

We must wake up and reckon with it.

Nurture it through infancy to adulthood and sacrifice for it.

Many have died due to our inaction,

and reliance on defensive prayers

and the moral compasses of



and neighbors.

Let that never again be the case.

No More Stolen Negroes

Philando, Alton, Renisha

Blackness is birthing






We will no




freddie gray protest

Tabias Olajuawon is BlaQueer non-binary nikka from Kansas, studying at Howard Law. They are the founder of BlaQueerFlow: The Griot’s Pen and the author of Godless Circumcisions: A Recollecting & Re-membering of Blackness, Queerness & Flows of Survivance. twitter: @blaqueer facebook: tabias olajuawon

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