Briefly On Non-Violence (Beware, This Shit Ain’t Scholarship)

There is no such thing as non-violence. Just stop. It’s a ridiculous notion. The police kill your child. You March and sing and pray…there is still violence...the wound that exists in your soul is the result of a violent blow. The terror exacted on the community, when they see the state-endorsed killers, that’s violence. The smile and commentary you are supposed to give the mayor for a faux investigation you fought for, that’s violence. The role and responsibility you’ve had inscribed upon your body, as the “rational” voice of black survivors and bereaved folk…that’s violence. The realization that the same entity that killed your son, locked up your brother, harassed you and profiles your husband…is who answers the phone when your life is in jeopardy…that’s violence. Knowing that another boy, girl, boi, gurl, man, womyn, trans*/GNC/NB person is being killed, harassed or ignored by the police as you court peace..:that’s violence. Shit ain’t peaceful and it ain’t cute, it’s America. And I gotta fucking study for this “law” or shield of whiteness final.

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  1. Shahidah says:

    I wish there was a like x 1000 button

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blaqueerflow says:

      To often the truth of our lives is muddled in fear and useless words :/


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