Thoughts On State Violence: Dzokhar, Michael Johnson, Nakba & Other Death Penalties

Dzokhar was sentenced to death today. I’ll never support the state putting folks to death: quickly (death penalty, police violence) or slowly (economic genocide, social death, inaccess to adequate healthcare). Never.

Michael Johnson got 30 years. Fuck. Another brother caught up and battered by white desire. They wanted his black cock, raw. They wanted his essence. Took it. Reveled in the Tiger Mandigo. Flesh to flesh. Sharing DNA. Neverminding, never asking its contents. But when they were fucked down and content, they prosecuted him, for giving them they asked for…his DNA…consumed. And they got sick. So they mad. Cuz magical negro had something they ain’t want. Lil too much baggage. Nigga’s cells ain’t act right. White supremacy don’t fuck with HIV..unless of course, it’s just another nigga dying in the streets of Amerikkka. act up, white out, black down, walk away, undetectable/PrEPped white folks..poster gays of the day
It’s Nakba, the Day of Catastrophe. Today, in Palestine in 1948, 700,000 Palestinians were ejected or forced to flee from their homeland. Tomorrow is the national Day of Independence for Israel. Today Eritrean & Sudanese brothers and sisters are being coerced to choose between “self deportation” and indefinite imprisonment. All I can say is, this is the history and present of Israel, meeting eye to eye. So you telling all these black refugees to either find their way back home or face indefinite detention in the desert? Because they’re not Jewish? Oh you want a “pure” state? Ain’t you paying hundreds of millions to court and recruit other people to move-in? Oh yea..they’re Jewish..Sounds familiar..? ‪#‎RacismOnFleek‬ #colonizationReborn #PassMeTheHookah
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