A Hood Queer Speaks of Marriage Equality, Black Blood & Queer Negritude

Heard through the grapevine that some white folks might be gettin’ more rights. Ain’t that some shit? Last time I checked they didn’t need much protection. What? I’m being crass you say? Check this, though. Wait, just wait a minute and listen slim! Who are they protecting themselves from? Who is runnin’ lose oppressing white folk? Who got them type of balls? Last time I checked white folks was running affairs and niggas, folks of color and newcomers were running scared, bloodied and beat down in the street! You catch my drift?

Now, look, I think that everybody should be treated equally. It’s just the golden rule. Treat other daddy/mother/otherfuckers they you want to be treated. They even knew that back in Jesus and them’ days, where they were stoning otherfuckers over bullshit. Wait, they still stonin’ womyn folk over attempts at equality in Saudia Arabia. Word. Double trouble. But look, i’m just saying..we getting pissed over a ring and some coin. A ring, and some coin. Meanwhile, niggas being blown up in Churches–not that Churches as bastions of equity..ever–choked down on corners, spines snapped in handcuffs, and shot down on doorsteps, parking lots, cul-de-sacs and everywhere blood can spill. You just ask any trans* nigga on the block, surviving police genocide, and ask her what she needs? She ain’t gon’ talk about no otherfuckering ring! Maybe some coin, for a chance to get away…from the institutions ya’ll daddyfuckers trying get married too..the one that killed her brothers and sisters and them silently…with no dignity…blood and trans*realities flowing through the streets..but not on the news..because it’s only news when people see you, want to see you, see themselves and humanity in you..And ya’ll wanna talk to me about a ring and some coin. Fucking bow-tie gays.

Let me be clear tho, real talk. When I find the man I love–and maybe that’s you bae :D–I’ll make a commitment to him. Vowels. Yea I said it. I’ll make promises. Here’s the preview (set in a burning church):


from the moment you walked into my life,

my blackness and yours

conceived of a reality

undeterred and undisturbed

by white supremacies



heteropatriachal fuckery.


our souls been about that live,

perhaps before our hearts and minds

knew that living was a practice.

But with my lips,



and soul in accord..

Today I promise you that your living

will be my practice, my purpose

and the cause of the rhythm of my heart. I will protect

you against death by white anxiety or systemic fuckery. I will love

you through and beyond emotional terrorisms, birthed out of systems that fear our blackness

and predate our birthing. When the police come for your throat, I refuse to to turn the other cheek–these cakes are yours–but I will protect your life by any means necessary, knowing that that may also mean taking a life or white hood out of this realm of the cosmos.

I loved you on purpose,

and if you say “I Do”

and choose us,

You will live

and find home”

and protection

in this fortress of blaqueerealities

without judgement

or ever being fucked,


by the state..

without retribution.”

But for marriage to contain equality, it must first be intimate with blackness.

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  1. Wow, such vivid writing!!!! And those vows? Creative, utterly rebellious, and powerfully queer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blaqueerflow says:

      Thank you so much…can’t wait to deliver them!


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