Co-Conspirators In The Lynching of Sam Dubose To Get Off Scott-Free

This is another of those “This Shit Ain’t Scholarship” type-pieces. We are all aware of the travesty of the lynching of Brother Sam Dubose. If you don’t believe this state-sanctioned/endorsed/performed murder of Sam Dubose–a familiar reaction of white (supremacist) anxiety and an ongoing characteristic of white Amerikkkan identity–is a lynching, then you don’t know the history or context of the practice–public, violent lessons of comportment for black women, children and men…as a promise of the fate of the existence and a marker of their abjection. Read the piece on Sister Sandra Bland–“It’s Coming For You: The Noose That Stole Our Sister, Sandra”–for a primer.

In any case, you’ll recall that the district attorney in this case was apparently so disgusted, he decided to personally do the right thing prosecute this case. To great emotional, tearful, dramatic fanfare, he condemned the direct murderous officer. He did what any ethical attorney would do and filed charges and got a grand jury indictment: ie, basic shit. What he didn’t do–while taking back the center (from the systemic violences of cleveland police and a public, recorded, timeless lynching of another Brother, one-Sam Dubose) and focusing our gaze on his white-guilt, as the chief of police fuckery IS indict the other police(rs) that engaged in the cover-up, if not the murder. If you don’t recall, the officers lied and said they saw Brother Dubose dragging his murderer with his car, thereby necessitating his lynching. As they say the officer “feared for his life.” Well he didn’t, as the cameras show. And they lied. In most cases this would evidence unethical character at best and at worst, well…co-lynchers. They will not be charged.

What message does this send?

Well, to Officer Kidd–the liar that participated in another death of a black man (this brother was tazed to death in psychiatric ward–it is that Black Lives (Only) Matter (When Caught On Camera).

To the main Lyncher–dumbass, don’t get caught lying on camera. You’re making us look bad.

Other liar– Good job son. You proved that (Only) Blue Lives Matter. (More on that>>>Why #BlueLivesMatter Is Simply White Supremacy By Another Name”).

To  Black America–Your cameras will not protect you, ever.

To White Amerikkka–Don’t worry, you’re safe. Unless of course, you forget whose side you’re on.

And what about the three other brothers lynched by University of Cincinnati Police?

Funny, how the most lethal thing to these brothers–noted below–is the terrain, or the border around, higher education. We must wonder then, but I suspect we know, who were they being policed for and from? If not who, what? Something about black people–men, trans* folk and womyn that own their blackness, freely, boldly, lovingly–in the land of learning that shakes white supremacy to it’s core

As Mother Simone Would Say, “Ohio, Goddamn”

Samuel Dubose

Kelly Brinson

Lorenzo Collins

Everett Howard

We Can't Breathe

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