They Love Dead Bodies

They love bodies out in the open

On the streets

In jail cells

They love to watch us die

And shoot us again in the back

Or pull the rope tighter

They will put animals out of their pain when

They are wounded and suffering and dying

But for those that are deemed less than human

Not on the same scale as Cecil the Lion

The world eagerly awaits to view their bodies

Hanging from heights and strewn out on streets

Do not help them

Care in death perhaps

But not in life

Modern day lynchings?

There is nothing modern about this

Except the dates on tombstones

Yet here we are asking whether #BlackLivesMatter

Seeking the white gaze

That was already there

Looking at bodies almost eagerly

Needing the sight of blood to relinquish

Some resemblance of empathy

But what about humanity?

Humanity that does not ask if #blacklivesmatter

Humanity that does not demand that others recognize that #blacklivesmatter

But humanity that asserts and lives the truth that #blacklivesmatter

We as a people have to believe and honour that they do

No more doing for the attention of others

Jumping like children who need their parents approval of

Action and language and ways of being

No more seeking the white gaze

For when I see that gaze too long upon me

I think

Please God do not let me become

Another #hashtag

Let us be a true grassroots movement

Not the type of grass that dreams

That it is greener on the other side

But the type of grass that we can



And can lay down upon



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