The Cloak of Invisibility

It gives

and it takes.

It is familiar. I was born into it,

in a sense.

When I was born, the world didn’t

see the possibilities of me


here and black and queer

with aplomb and no humility.

Screaming black babies,

hollering black children,



being something

other than dead

or living to serve others

and be freely othered,


home is where the hatred is

for far too many

where our intellect is hypervisible

and our blackness seems to escape

us with the need to be beaten

back in lest we begin to think

we are white

and (more) right

than those around us

Funny how intellect

can be raced and erased

from the blackened mind

reconstruction didn’t

reroute or recoup neurons

affected by the lash of white,

class, sexual, color’d


Some of don it by choice,

the cloak,

some of us are chafed by the


None of us wear it


It wears us.

Only to be noted when we

are out of place/s

to hide

is impossible

a dream deferred

or perhaps preferred

by black folk

burned by light

of day


and existence in

the mirror

no one



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