Victims of Freedom: The 19 Doctors, Staff & Patients We Killed

At some point we must realize that war is simply a state-sanctioned, license to engage in mass murder and acts of economic, psychological, sexual, political, lethal and cultural terror and violence.

How long can, Americans, sit aside while individuals and communities are decimated in our names, in the name of our freedoms? Whose freedoms are these anyway? Clearly they do not belong to women, who exist under the reality of the normalcy of sexual and economic violence. Surely they are not for people of color who are assaulted, killed and terrorized by policing forces for merely surviving the last of racial & class anxiety and bigotry, all while lacking access to true citizenship and its freedoms. We cannot be speaking of the low-income people, who sacrifice their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and siblings to far-flung conflicts, that they had nothing to do with, yet will fund through diminished wages, depleted social safety nets and notions of white/black/brown malehood forever tied to violence, victory and patriotic traumatic-endurance. No, we cannot be speaking of immigrants who are threatened with the political and national chorus of mass deportation, demonized as illegals and marked as especially cruel, desolate and animalistic while undergirding the existence of a capitalistic American Dream (read: nightmare) with near-free labor, that by law, they can never have title to. Perhaps it is for the LGBTQ community, for now we have the right to marry…coupled with the right to evicted, fired and kicked out of restaurants, bathrooms and other public spaces for publicly noting the humanity of our love. It is not even for the troops, often psychologically marked and physical scarred, for their actions abroad–through their bloodstained investment in an American promise, still and yet unfulfilled–for their healthcare, insurance, payment and families are subpar and many have died in awaiting these oft-promised services, to their oft-heralded sacrifices and honor. To this, we must ask, whose freedom is it anyway?

I have no answers for the previous question, but I’ll wager that it has something to do with the freedoms of those people formerly known as corporations and the contractual and property interests of their endowed shareholders. Whoever freedom belongs to, we the people, have no title or claim to it. These wars use our names like a hacker trades on stolen identities. Much like Wall Street utilizes economic duress: to stress our need for their protection, while making us need their protection by silently destroying our (economic, political and moral) strengths. The fraudulent use of freedom as a cause for us-you and I-sponsored murder is open secret we cannot longer deny with immunity. We are guilty until restitution is made and the blood stops flowing on our behalf.

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