A Call For Submissions

Greetings family!

The circle of griots at BlaQueerFlow are excited to announce a call for submissions. We are interested in poetry, prose, fiction, short stories and art. We are also increasingly interested in book /film/music reviews that touch upon the themes and topics of concern to the AfroLatinX & Queer/Woman of Color communities.

Please note we are only interested in pieces and commentary that situates and centers the humanity people of color and queer and trans folks of color. We are interested in commentary, critique, art, narratives, theory and imaginative reconstructive. Though we will not deny our fellow comrades–white, cis-identitifed individuals–the ability to partake in this community, their work must b
e situated in the humanization and liberation of the aforementioned folks, while also demonstrating an affirmative anti-racist, pro-queer, feminist resolve.

Please send submissions to blaqueerflow@gmail.com

Note: Submissions of all sizes will be considered. Though we will prioritize those under 1200 words.

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