Black Men

by Mojo Disco

Black men need to be loved.
Not through hugs and meaningless kisses
But through words of encouragement
And many well wishes.
Through eyes that don’t lie
With hands that trace purpose
With smiles that give security
Whenever we’re nervous.
Black men need to hear
That the universe was created
And the planets situated
So we could be the greatest.
Our melanin foretold
That the richness of our skin is in kindred to gold.
Our voice frequencies bang deep like African drums.
And our hair follicles grow in the direction of the sun.
To some, it may seem
The average black man
Is no more than angry with sagging jeans.
Is no more than horny with his dick in his hand.
Is no more than stupid
Are you stupid? We’re grand.
Black brothers,
We are Kings.
With a spirit that dances
And a history that sings of our genius.
I’ve seen it
And it’s time we believe it.
Cause the enemy is working to keep us broken and defeated.
But with knowledge comes truth
And real soon you will see
That the things they hate you for most, is what they wish they could be.
Many may think, the liberation of the black man means the oppression of others.
But how can we give the world love
When the world don’t love us?
And we need to check each other for those times when we live foul.
Because a black dead-beat dad
Was once a broken black child.
Whose wounds are still fresh no matter how well dressed
Blessed is the king who wears the crown.
Not to be confused with crown fried chicken
Please listen
For the past hundreds of years
Black men have been living
in spaces created to eliminate our existence.
Persistent are the dynamic structures in place
To keep nationwide frowns on the black mans face.
So, let me get a 2 piece BLACK LOVE
With well-seasoned FREEDOM fries
And I think, I’ll take a REVOLUTION shake on the side.
The prize is not in having
It is owning.
We need to own our existence.
You will never have to worry about loyalty
If you are always consistent.
This cold world gets lonely
Each day is more tough
But no matter your circumstance
Black King
You are enough.
So love your brothers
No matter their design
Because black men come assorted, no likeness in kind.
We are strong and able
We are wisdom and pride
We are world leaders, music and math bringers, coiled hair, straight and queer
We are here.
And we need to be loved.

Mojo Disco is a culture coach based in NYC. Creator of the popular underground event Paint And Poetry. Follow Mojo Facebook Instagram Twitter.

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