by Caryl Nuñez

I learned a lot about you that day.

When you turned your back

I saw the scars of your fears,

urgency in denial.


When you said “The devil is at work in your life”

You meant how angry you are

At you-

How could you raise me to be open to evil?

When you said “This is not who you are. I know you better than anyone in the world”

You meant to admit

You are not secure in our relationship-

When did I become a familiar stranger?

When you said “Don’t go thinking I don’t accept you. This is different. We are different”

You meant to be aware of

Loneliness and depression,

Meant to say rejection does not mean

Non acceptance,

Meant to remind me Dominicans are

Family oriented.

I think you felt

refusing to understand

was the same as holding on.

I think this was a loss for you

just as much as it was for me.


I learned a lot about us that day.

There is redemption in grief.

For we are palm trees

of the same root, who

must grow divergent

to have lavish canopies.

Follow Caryl Nunez on Social Media:Instagram: CarylIsMagic, Twitter: CarylIsMagic, Tumblr: soulconsciousness.tumblr.com, SnapChat: CarylSoul

In her own words “I a queer afrodominican creative who is committed to anti-racist and anti-imperialist productions of knowledge. I write poetry, short stories/flash fiction, and enjoy painting. My activism is rooted in US Third World Feminism. Currently, I am finishing my dissertation “Perverse Returns: Decolonizing Myths of Women’s Empowerment, LGBT Asylum Law and Human Rights Discourse”. When I’m not buried in revising chapters, I am singing my heart into the world through my church choir, laughing at ridiculous vines, and imitating animated film villains because I’ve gotten eerily good at them. I am also humble. “

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