When Police Run Free: 16 Shots, 16 Sisters & Other Numbers We Must Count

He took 16 at 17. In 2014, Laquan McDonald was 17. For 13-15 seconds, he took 16 shots. The officers were invisible when the shooting began, due to a (likely intentional) move of the dash-cam. The only thing recorded was this beautiful, black body being tormented, absorbing shots from invisible state actors–a shot for almost every year of his life. Each shot landed within his body, none missed. The shots were purposeful, intentional and adroit. The video serves not only to remind us the omnipresent nature of the state and it’s police force, but also attempts to realize the myth of its omnipotence. Much like the racial-sexual terror of lynching, the body of Laquan, is treated as the focal point of violence and terror–little attention is paid to the absence of white humanity or the presence of state-enabled white terrorisms.

Black bodies
tormented, violated, terrorized, murdered, openly, in public.
The Black public
trauma, warnings, memories, recollections of others slain and
children learning
that blackness is a gift card of timeless access to publicly subsidized terror are all part of traditional, strong and community policing. 

A year later Mayor Emmanuel has called for peace in the streets, while black mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and daughters and sons yearn for pieces of freedom from state-sanctioned violence, anti-black schools, gentrification and other symptoms of the American DayDream/Nightmare.

Sixteen sisters have been taken too, many of whom, were attempting to save their own lives.

Data Taken From A Database Held by The Guardian.

  1. Marquesha McMillian, 21, Washington, DC Gunshot 10/26
  2. India Kager, 28, Virginia, Gunshot 9/5
  3. Redel Jones, 30, California, Gunshot, 8/12
  4. Nuwnah Laroche, 34, New Jersey, Struck By Vehicle, 5/6
  5. Alexia Christian, 25,Georgia, Gunshot, 4/30
  6. Maya Hall, 27, Maryland, Gunshot 3/30
  7. Meagan Hackaday, 26, California, Gunshot 3/27
  8. Monique Deckard, 43, California, Gunshot 3/8
  9. Janisha Fonville, 20, North Carolina, Gunshot 2/19
  10. Yuvette Henderson, 38, California, Gunshot 2/3
  11. Natasha McKenna, 37, Virginia (County Detention Center), Taser 2/3

Curiously Found Dead In Police Custody *Many of Which Died “Within Two Days of Arrest”* –Info from TheRoot

  1. Sandra bland, 28, Texas (Jail), Hanging, 7/13
  2.  Kindra Chapman, 18, Alabama (Jefferson County Jail), Hanging, 7/14 *Booked 6:22pm, Found Dead 7:50pm*
  3. Joyce Curnell, 58, South Carolina (Charleston County Jail), Unknown, 7/22
  4. Ralkina Jones, 37, Ohio (Cleveland County Jail), Unknown, 7/26
  5. Raynette Turner, 43, New York (Mount Vernon), Unknown, 7/27


The data shows that black lives matter in the world of policing, we are its traditional focus, its funding bonanza, the propertied threat that must be managed, tamed, terrorized and exterminated. Perhaps, the question isn’t about the value of black lives, but the costs of anti-black violence? What if there were uniform, enforced and grave consequences to the negatively affecting the quality of black lives? Employing imaginative reconstruction, wonder with me, what the world might be like if police and prosecutors were retooled to serve and protect black people, black lives, black property and black interests?

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