So Trump Just Did Al-Shabaab A Solid


Trump shows the ugly side of American treatment of minorities across race and religion…and the terrorist cell Al-Shabaab uses his words–verbatim–to recruit new folks.

I’m not mad at Trumpy, he just shows us what we already know is in the minds of so many people in our country and at the heart of many of our discriminatory policies. The sad part is, Al-Shabaab seems to be more hip to this than our leadership…and we know they are linking to Trump because they some how believe that #BlackLivesMatter..

Just another day in geopolitical politics and racial-power plays.

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  1. Islam is NOT a religion of peace! Recommended reading “The Life of Muhammad” written by the Muslim historian Ibn Ishaq in 768 AD. The book gives an accurate picture of Muhammad… The very violent and aggressive military commander who fought and killed neighboring tribes into submission.


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