Free Bresha Meadows, And All Women Who Must Kill To Live

Note: This is not a think-piece, but a reminder that black girls and femmes matter and sometimes, they must kill to live.

“In the 17 years of our marriage, he has cut me, broke my ribs, fingers, the blood vessels in my hand, my mouth, blackened my eyes. I believe my nose was broken,” she wrote. “If he finds us, I am 100 percent sure he will kill me and the children … My life is like living in a box he created for me, and if I stepped out of that box, he’s there to put me back in that box.” Brandi Meadows, Bresha’s Mother 

via Huffington Post

The quotation above is a truth that should never be experienced by another human being. Living under the constant promise of domestic violence and sexual terrorism is a burden that no living person can fully bare, not a husband, not a wife, not sibling and not a child. Surely, no child should have to pay an additional cost–to the carceral state–for having the audacity to refuse to be murdered.

Bresha Meadows is 14 years old. Brandi Meadows is her mother. Bresha Meadows killed her father. She had to, to have a chance to survive, let alone live. For so many of us–especially young black femmes and girls–home is where the hatred is. It is inescapable, this hatred–Bresha tried to run away twice–and it is toxic. Not only emotionally toxic–marking our psyches in ways visible, invisible and unspoken–but physically scarring. No person should be encaged for defending themselves against their oppressor. Support Bresha’s legal fees at this GoFundMe link setup by her family.

Breasha meadows 2.png


Photo of 14 year old Bresha Meadows, acquired via Huffington Post from Martina Latessa.


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